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BEst auto insurance companies

There list of Auto insurance companies
- AAA Insurance – One of the most recognizable names in the industry, American Automobile Agency formed in 1902. The company offers roadside assistance and a host of other related services along with their car insurance policies.
-  AARP – AARP offers auto insurance at reasonable rates to its members. The insurance is offered in collaboration with The Hartford Group. The program is marketed exclusively to older Americans.
 - AIG – Offering a host of different types of insurance, this international auto insurance company provides its services to more than 130 countries. It is the largest organization to provide insurance and financial services the world over.
-  Allstate – Originally a part of Sears Roebuck, Allstate separated from its original parent company in 1995 and quickly become one of the leading car insurance companies in the industry. They also were the first company to use the tiered system, which rewarded safe driving with lower rates. American Family – Established in 1927, American family is a private mutual company that offers coverage in 18 states.
-  Auto Owners – Since 1912 Auto Owners Insurance has been a consumer favorite. It ranks higher in consumer satisfaction than many of its more well-known counterparts.
-  Farmers – Making its debut in 1928, Farmers Auto Insurance Group offers policies in 41 states. It is the third largest auto insurance company in the United States insuring more than 15 million drivers. -  --- Farm Bureau – In business for more than 60 years, the Farm Bureau insurance company operates in 15 states. They are well-known for their heavy promotion of safe driving practices.
-  Grange – Serving the midwest and Eastern United States, Grange has been in business since 1935. Grange is well-known for their charitable efforts in the communities they serve, donating millions each year to various causes.
-  Hartford – Established nearly 200 years ago in 1810, the Hartford Group has remained intact through some of the nations worst disasters.
- The Hartford Group now serves millions of consumers worldwide. Uniquely, The Hartford Group offers free roadside assistance with every policy it writes. Liberty Mutual - One of the largest auto insurance providers in the country, Liberty Mutual offers a variety of unique features. For instance, round-the-clock assistance, pet coverage and even 12 month locked policies.
-  Metlife – When Snoopy insured the red baron he chose Metlife, and millions of others choose it as their insurance provider as well. In fact,
-  Metlife is one of the 60th largest company in the entire world.  - Mercury – Established in 1962, - --- Mercury auto insurance is available in 13 states. The company offers both personal and commercial auto insurance.
-  Nationwide – Nationwide began offering insurance back in 1925, and at the time was called Farm Bureau Mutual. The name was changed to Nationwide in 1955. The company offers its customers a unique feature called accident forgiveness, in which their first at-fault accident is forgiven leaving their current rate intact.
-  Safeco – One of the largest insurance providers in the United States, Safeco first opened its doors in 1923. Safeco offers a variety of insurance options nationwide.
-  State Auto Insurance – Formed in 1921, State Auto Insurance was founded by Robert Pein in attempt to address deficits within the industry. This company offers insurance in 27 states and has maintained a high consumer satisfaction rating since 1954.
-  State Farm – State Farm opened its doors in 1922 and by 1942 had secured its status as the largest U.S. auto insurance company.
-  Travelers – Travelers is available in every U.S. state and is one of the largest publicly traded company in the country. Uniquely, Travelers allows claims to be reported 24 hours a day, 365 days each year.
-  USAA – USAA was formed in 1922 to insure just a few United States Army Officers who had no other insurance options. Currently, USAA serves more than 5 million members of the United States Armed Forces and their family members.
 - GMAC – Founded in 1939, GMAC Insurance was originally called the Motors insurance Company. GMAC has offices in Canada, Asia, Europe, Latin America and United States and writes more than $1.4 billion in premiums each year.
-  Unitrin – Available in 25 states, Unitrin Direct offers a variety of financial services including auto insurance. Unitrin sells policies through the mail, radio, Internet and phone saving its consumers an average of 20% on their car insurance policies.
-  Infinity – Infinity offers insurance coverage in 9 states. The company considers its speciality coverage one of its strongest features including insurance for classic cars, specialty cars and those with poor driving records.
-  Amica – Opening its doors as a small car insurance company in 1907, the Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America is multi award winning , nationwide insurance provider. Progressive – Well-known for its aggressively priced policies and unique insurance options, Progressive opened its doors in 1927. Progressive offers coverage for motorcycles, recreational vehicles and boats along with automobiles.
-  Titan – Fairly new within the insurance market, Titan Auto Insurance opened its doors in the early 1990s. Titan specializes in covering drivers with less than perfect driving or insurance records. They operate in 10 states. Esurance – In 1999 Esurance launched as a web based insurance provider to just 4 states. Ten years later Esurance has rapidly expanded and is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in the country.
-  Erie Insurance Group – Opening its doors in 1925, the Erie Insurance Group did not expand beyond its home state of Pennsylvania for more than 25 years. Now Erie is available in 11 states. Eastwood – Founded in 1989, Eastwood Insurance offers policies for homes, motorcycles and recreational vehicles along with automobiles. They also offer insurance to high risk drivers.
-  Western General – Based in California, Western General has offered auto insurance for more than 30 years. The company is primarily web based. 21st Century – Providing insurance coverage to more than 1.5 million customers, 21st Century has an outstanding reputation for its excellent customer service.

How Do Auto Insurance Companies Calculate Risk

Fortunately, for your sake, several of those risks ar at intervals your management, supplying you with a say in what quantity you pay money for insurance coverage. These risk factors include: Your credit rating. The lower your credit rating, the upper your insurance. a few years of study have evidenced that drivers with low credit scores tend to be high risk drivers. Your age. The younger you're, the upper the rates. Statistics prove that till you reach the age of twenty five, you are in a very high risk class. Your occupation. If you're employed from home, as an example, you are additional seemingly to qualify for Associate in Nursing insurance rate discount below the easy premise you drive fewer annual miles, creating you less seemingly to be concerned in a very automotive accident. Your place of residence. Rates ar higher for town residents. additional folks suggests that additional accidents, more theft, and additional devilment.
 Your driving record. If you maintain a spic-and-span driving record, you will fancy lower rates. Conversely, if your driving history is pocked with dashing tickets and fender-benders, you'll be able to expect vessel premiums. 
Paying your insurance payments on time. This conveys that you are a accountable person, that within the automotive vehicle insurance world suggests that you are low risk. Your wedding standing. Married drivers ar thought-about low risk. With members of the family within the automotive, married drivers tend to be less at risk of taking possibilities. Your style of automotive. adorer cars equate into higher insurance rates. However, you'll be able to expect lower premiums for a vehicle equipped with safety options like airbags, automatic seat belts and anti-lock brakes. Your sex. Male drivers ar viewed as riskier drivers than females.

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