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aig insurance reviews

American International Group (AIG) could be a leading international insurance organization serving additional

than seventy million client and industrial shoppers worldwide. AIG operates in additional than a hundred thirty countries

through one amongst the foremost in depth international networks of any insurance underwriter. Chartis Malaya Insurance is currently

AIG Malaya Insurance. With over sixty years of expertise in Malaya, AIG continues to deliver its

promise to supporting Malaysians each day in their time of would like. Malaya continues to play Associate in Nursing

important role for AIG and that we square measure committed to growing on our already robust presence across our

various businesses.

reviews from customers :


My innovative truck was totalled thanks to another person t-boning and flipping American state over. it's been nearly two months and AIG has nevertheless to pay off the totalled truck. I travel for work and currently don't have any vehicle to urge there, thus I even have no financial gain at this point. i'm stuck within the town wherever the accident occurred with all of my belongings. AIG clearly does not care. I even have known as them many times and still no resolution. The adjuster i'm coping with has been terribly rude and very troublesome to urge a hold of

I have been accident free and have had no dashing tickets, etc. i'm presently being cancelled! they're attempting to mention I had a DUI 2 years past. I did not! I even have repeatedly try and contact client service and each time i purchase some completely different imbecile United Nations agency doesn't knowledge to retrieve my policy or maybe take a glance at my driving record which might show them I even have ne'er had any such incident!

I have simply had my rates raised over $200 a year. i have never had any tickets, accidents, etc.

I had a 2001 Olds Aurora that had minor injury to the front fender and a scratch on the light. They told American state that they might add an additional $1,000 on to what the store told American state the value would be. They complete up paying $4,500 to the nondepository financial institution and that i still owed when having them two years.

I got liability coverage for fewer then a month and that they charged American state $113 total. once I canceled my policy they aforementioned I had to pay $50.00 for a cancellation fee.

They revived my policy and charged American state for it despite the very fact that I touched and canceled my policy.

AIG insurance off out of the blue
I acknowledged that I did not have insurance once I visited rent a automobile for a visit home to go to my family. once I known as to visualize why I had been born and what I may do to mend it, the rep was terribly rude to American state and had no interest in serving to American state out. She aforementioned i used to be born as a result of I touched and despite the fact that I had given them my new address once I touched, I had not formally modified my address on my policy. I still do not see however that created sense, however once I argued that that they had my new address for the past vi months and asked to talk with a manager, she aforementioned that I couldn't speak with a manager and that they wouldn't cowl American state any longer and decorated informed American state.

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